M/s. MK International Est..                                 مؤسسة محي الدين خان العالمية

Sales / Service of all kinds of Clinical Laboratory Scientific / Analytical Equipments, Supplies
& ancillaries. Lab equipments Maintainenece & Calibration services.

We are at work to serve you Serving to keep your business running 24/7 Established in 2008, we are continuously striving to provide the best technical support & Services solutions to our valuable customers. In short time we have established a remarkable customer relationship based on our prompt & professional expertise. Customer’s full satisfaction with our services is only our mission & Target. Having vast experienced Bio‐Medical Engineers, Scientific & Analytical Applications support team, MKI getting success at every access to their new clients & customers. Our Industrial support team provides innovative solutions to the process control & cold chain management services. We are the first Company to bring the Wireless real time Solutions to monitor Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure, Light, O2 / Co2 in the Kingdom.

Authorised Re‐Seller for following International Brands

Oceasoft – France, Lumenera‐Canada, Primer Design‐UK, TFA‐ Germany, Sofraser – France, Clemex‐USA,
Labconco‐USA, VWR –Germany, Sechang Instruments – Japan, Clean Air Services – USA, Bio‐Dur – Germany,
Con‐Corn‐USA, Bio‐Midi‐France, Cole‐Parmer – USA, Fisher Scientific – UK, Zeltex‐ USA, Omega Engineering –
USA, Omano Microscopes – USA, Gerber – Germany, BMSK – Canada (Medica, Nuaire, Delcon , Helmer), GR
Scientific – UK, INNOCAL – USA , AccuTek – USA, Etc…..


Name of the Company: M/s. MK International Est.
مؤسسة محي الدين خان العالمية

Name of the Owner: Mr. Mohi Al‐din Khan                                         (President)
Commercial Registration No.: 4030162688
Chamber of Commerce Member ship No.: 124682
General Organization for Social Insurance No. : 9615285
Ministry of Finance (ZakahwaDakhul) No.: 3001861721